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Monkey Fist All Purpose Recovery Rope 4m x 14155kg - CW-MF-HT0054 1

Monkey Fist All Purpose Recovery Rope 4m x 14155kg

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The Monkey Fist All Purpose Recovery Rope. 4m x 16mm. 

Manufactured with a UHMWPE core and thick braided sheath for great abrasion resistance this rope is a short, tough and ultra handy recovery rope.

The eye splices offer 200mm length openings with a 32mm wide abrasion sheath for long lasting protection on wear points. 

4 metres long with dual protected eyelets with a minimum breaking strain of 14155kg. Reach out to that winch anchor just out of reach, tow your mate, use as a bridle strap and more. 

What can you do with it? 

Here are just some examples: 

  • Sling a rock for an anchor or a pully for direction change to anchor
  • Use as a bridle strap between two front recovery points
  • Use as a short tow line
  • Use as a winch extension line


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