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KENDA AT2 275/65/18

KENDA AT2 275/65/18

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Tyre Details

The Kenda Klever A/T2 was designed to offer premium performance for the value-driven consumer, offering exceptional ride and comfort for an all-terrain tyre. With strong durability combining aggressive styling and an optimised tread design, the Klever A/T2 provides the right solution for SUV, light truck and 4x4 owners on the road, in the snow or in most off-road environments. The interlocking tread blocks offer great traction, but are Kenda optimised to produce exceptional on-road noise results. The Klever A/T2 has a superior all-weather compound for Winter Snowflake (3PMSF) certification on all sizes

Key Features

  • Interlocking tread pattern for optimised off-road forward and lateral traction

  • Large quantity of biting edges for aggressive performance on all types of terrains

  • High sipe density for superior snow and ice traction

  • A-B tread pattern to minimise road noise

  • Aggressive upper sidewall designed to protect against cuts, tears, and abrasion

  • Computer optimided footprint for excellent wear and handling under multiple load conditions

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